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Hollygate Scout Camp

Hollygate Scout Camp is situated in beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside about 6km southeast of Nottingham. The site is a mixture of woodland and flat grassed camping areas that are suitable for all kinds of Scout (and Guide) camping. Facilities on the site are limited, we do not have a hall or kitchen, but we do have a very good quality toilet and shower block.

This is not a site with lots of organised activities but a base to do traditional outdoors Scouting combined with a location second to none.

The site is adjacent to a country park at Cotgrave featuring miles of cycle tracks, a renovated stretch of the Grantham Canal and childrens' play area and a fishing lake.

Close to Hollygate. Available for hire to charity, voluntary & community groups, a 17 seater minibus (and two trailers). Cost recovery only hire rates. Fully insured.

A complete refurbishment of the climbing wall has just been completed; we've replaced all of the boards and placed many new holds. There are now three colour coded (hard) routes up the wall; red, yellow and blue - but don't ask which of these is more difficult, we don't knnow yet! There is also a random spread of green holds; these don't provide a route on their own, they are intended to be used with the other colours to provide easier alternatives.

Archery - with the change in the rules for the operation of archery sessions we have a couple of instructors who have applied for the new permits; until these are awarded we can't run sessions - but we will take provisional bookings in the expectation that the permit will be given (obviously these provisional bookings would have to be cancelled if the the permits are not forthcoming). The site's archery equipment will only be hired out to Groups with their own instructors after we have seen an appropriate permit held by someone running the session.

Lots of general maintenance work being carried out; improvements to the track, grass cutting, adding to the woodpile etc. Let us know if you think of anything that might improve the site for users.